Explain advantages of MyISAM over InnoDB?

Much more conservative approach to disk space management – each MyISAM table is stored in a separate file, which could be compressed then with myisamchk if needed.

With InnoDB the tables are stored in tablespace and not much further optimization is possible. All data except for TEXT and BLOB can occupy 8,000 bytes at most. No full text indexing is available for InnoDB. The COUNT(*)s execute slower than in MyISAM due to tablespace complexity.

How would you change a table to InnoDB?

You can change a table to InnoDB using following query.

ALTER TABLE table_name ENGINE innodb;

What are the different types of tables in MySQL?

Total 5 types of tables are present in mysql as per following.

  • MyISAM
  • Heap
  • Merge
  • InnoDB
  • ISAM

MyISAM is the default storage engine as of MySQL .

What is InnoDB?

lnnoDB is a transaction safe storage engine developed by Innobase Oy which is a Oracle Corporation now.